다윗 필유 차이점
Old Bible p02.jpgSee 2018.11 p02.jpg

깨달음大道 See A B C
1 Seedan A f02.jpg1 Seedan B f02.jpg1 Seedan C f02.jpg

깨달음大道 See D
Seedan D f03.jpg

구약 신약 필약 Old New See
Old Bible p01.5Jesus p01.5.jpgOne Dot w03

북한 남한 필국 北韓 南韓 必國
a21 North Korea f02.jpgFlag Korea f02.jpg1 Seedan A f02.jpg

삼한조선 단군조선 三韓朝鮮 檀君朝鮮
02 Dangun SamJosun A d04.jpg

필단기必團旗 Seedanflag
Thank you w04.5.jpg

Seedanpro Fillyou http://seedan.pro T


See Media W

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