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Book Name : 2020.04ㅎ Seeism Bokju
Book Writer : Seedanpro Seeism
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★ Seebook Summary
Book Name : 2020.04ㅎ Seeism Bokju
Book Writer : Seedanpro Seeism
Bokju Deep Wide Circle
Seeism calls Bokju.
Bokju is the being who gives me grace.
People is Bokju. God is Bokju.
Speak up the bigger word Bokju.
Deep Wide Circle is the Pride of Korea Philosophy.
Deep Wide Circle is Water Earth Fire.
Deep Wide Circle is Nation Money Society.
Speak up Heaven.Earth.Creation Deep.Grace and
Nothing.but.Other Wide.Grace and Empty.Full.One Circle.Grace.
Seeism Bokju Give me your grace.
Seeism Bokju I love you Thank you.
Seebook has the word to recite forever.
English Seebook has English Word to recite forever.
English Seebook Keyword is Bokju Deep Wide Circle.

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★ Writer Seedanpro Seeism
Writer : Seedanpro Seeism
2022.03ㅎ Seeism Bokju
2020.02ㅎ Deep Wide Circle
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1992.03 Catholic Church
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